Panasonic Expands Its 2020 OLED TV Range with the Budget HZ980

Image credit: Panasonic

Panasonic’s 2020 TV line-up springs up to eight with the release of the budget HZ980 OLED TV series. This series include a 55-inch model (TX-55HZ980) and a 65-inch model (TX65HZ980). Both TV models are significantly cheaper than their HZ1000, HZ1500, and HZ2000 counterparts, which were released earlier this year.

While the Japanese brand has noted that the 55-inch model will retail for £1699.99, they have failed to provide a price update for the 65-inch model. However, according to Panasonic, both versions will be available in July 2020.

Despite their budget prices, the HZ980 TV series features some of the premium technologies embedded in their more expensive siblings. These technologies include support for Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Vision, Film Maker Mode with Intelligent Sensing, and HDR10+. They also feature HCX PRO Intelligent Processor and Netflix Calibrated Mode. All of these come together to ensure that you enjoy great picture quality and the best TV experience.

The HZ980 series also feature HDMI 2.1 ports that are that eARC compatible. With these ports, users will be able to send high-quality sound to compatible AV receivers and soundbars. Additionally, these TVs come with Bluetooth Audio Link, a technology that allows users to wirelessly connect their TVs to Bluetooth headphones and wireless speakers, and also play sounds from their mobile devices through the TV speakers.

So what are the differences between the budget HZ980 OLED TV series and their more expensive counterparts? Firstly, the HZ980 models use an entry-level OLED panel while their pricier siblings (HZ100, HZ1500, and HZ2000) use the Master HDR Panel. Also, the HZ980 series do not come with the swivel stand design or the Smooth Motion Drive Pro Processing embedded in the pricier models.

However, this doesn’t erase the fact that they are some of the top OLED TVs currently on the market. Their budget pricing, OLED panels, picture quality, and other premium features make them a great contender for the best budget OLED TVs. Although the battle for the number one spot is going to be fierce as LG and Sony are set to release some great budget OLED TVs too, there’s no denying that Panasonic’s HZ980 models will be able to make their stand.