Coffee Gator POUR OVER Coffee Kettle 1L Review

POUR OVER Coffee Kettle

Meet the Coffee Gator Pour Over 1L Coffee Kettle – Thermometer built in; one of the best stovetop gooseneck kettles available. This art-deco style small tea kettle is a purely stainless steel. Made with surgical quality stainless steel to ensure the tea kettle never rusts. The stainless-steel construction makes it robust and virtually indestructible.

The Coffee Gator is a stovetop kettle. It is so versatile that it will work with gas, electric, induction or even halogen. Going with a stove top kettle means that there are no electrical parts to fail, and the kettle will be around for a long time providing those lovely hot beverages for you and your family.

The built in temperature gauge gives you the ability to set the right temperature for your tea or coffee. The Coffee Gator makes it easy to get just the right temperature to make the perfect cup of coffee, and if you over boil, you can wait and watch it cool down to the right temperature just as easily.

The long, S-shaped gooseneck spout is designed to make hand pouring individual cups a breeze. The Coffee Gator’s 1L capacity puts it into the class of small tea kettles. If used at the maximum suggested level of 600ml it will just be able to make two good cups of coffee or tea.

  • Attractive stainless steel construction
  • Built in temperature gauge
  • Gooseneck design for better pouring control
  • Works with just about any stovetop

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