Circulon Teakettles Sunrise Whistling Teakettle Review

Circulon Sunrise Whistling

Looking for the best small tea kettle that is cute and stylish to boot? The Circulon Teakettles Sunrise Whistling Teakettle 1 ½ quart is a charming enamel tea kettle that comes in an eye-catching Navy Blue amongst other colours so will fit into your home décor with ease and is available on Amazon right now.

If you are looking for tea kettles for gas stoves (or electric stoves or induction stoves) then the Circulon 1 ½ quart will fit the bill. Made from solid steel it is robust and durable and the enamel coating is not likely to chip or flake unless the kettle is handled very roughly.

The handle is attractively styled in black plastic but cannot move from the vertical because it incorporates a squeeze-and-pour mechanism that raises the whistle cap off the spout when you want to pour.

The fact that the whistle element only gets raised when you pour does mean that the kettle will continue to make a noise until it cools down. This means that the handle does get a little warm – especially if the kettle is left on the boil for a long time.

This kettle will fit into any kitchen and look good on your stovetop.

  • 1 ½ quart capacity
  • Attractively styled
  • Squeeze-and-pour spout lever
  • Robust and made of solid steel

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