Circulon Sunrise Whistling Teakettles Review

Circulon Sunrise Whistling

The Circulon 1.5 Quart is a stylish plain black stovetop tea kettle that will hold up to 6 cups of tea, perfect for home use and available on Amazon. It is functional and stylish, made from solid steel and is very durable. The handle is modern and plastic so you will not burn your hands when handling this tea kettle. It has the unique feature of having the spout lever built into the handle, so no having to flip the top out of the way to pour.

Cleaning the Ciculon 1.5 quart is a breeze with its enamel exterior. The black colouring ensure that it will blend in with any kitchen décor and colour scheme. The Ciculon 1.5 quart tea kettle has a very loud and cheerful whistle that will let you know when it is time to take it off the stove top. It has a Squeeze-and-pour spout that lets you effortlessly fill either your cup or your tea pot without any mess.

  • Stylish black enamel exterior
  • Will serve 6 cups
  • Sqeeze-and-pour spout
  • Pleasant whistle

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