WC7STU-W Wirecast Studio 7 Live Streaming Software for Windows Review

WC7STU-W Wirecast Studio 7

This is another live production suite, and this example offers the best built-in, powerful production tool. This allows producers to have a sneak peak of the end result, even while the cameras continue to roll in recording mode. The streamlined GPU also allows for much faster and higher quality ISO renderings, and is sure to give video editors plenty of options. The GPU accelerated encoding technology has been shown to produce superior quality webcasts, and can be adjusted according to your requirements.

There is a separate ‘clean’ recording feed that gets stored locally for later editing and touch ups, this means that any effects that you applied to your webcast will not show up in your local edit. This is because producers may want to edit the webcast at a later date and add in additional information and effects if desired before posting on YouTube or wherever they need to.

Content can also be added from multiple sources, making for easy teleprompting for anyone having to do a webcast. On the fly editing is standard, and is user friendly and offers powerful features. Wirecast 7 also makes use of new CPU optimizations, meaning that the performance of the Wirecast Studio 7 is very difficult to beat. Both stream encoding and normal video rendering see great benefits in this regard. The new interface is a great facelift for this program, and along with all of the internal tweaks and updates within the code is the great polished feel of this application.

Perhaps the best thing about the Wirecast Studio 7 is the fact that it is a cross platform build, meaning that Windows users and Apple Mac OS users can also use the great features of this program.

  • GPU acceleration for improved rendering
  • Optimized CPU utilization
  • Graphical system health monitor
  • Hi resolution ISO recording
  • Streamlined user interface

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