Telestream Wirecast Studio | Live Video Streaming Software Review

Telestream Wirecast Studio

The Wirecast Studio allows for the best mobile streaming, rendering and broadcasting to YouTube and media devices. There is a lot to like about the Telestream Wirecast Studio | Live Video Streaming Software as it offers all of the modern functionality that content creators have been asking for, and this package certainly answers many of these requests, and then some. First of all is the low system requirements of this software, this is achievable through the advanced optimization of the code that this program was built on, and means that your computer or laptop will be accessing less resources than you would have been needing on earlier releases of this streaming solution.

This version includes 30 incredible titles for your broadcasting projects, giving you an incredible selection when trying to broadcast your next event. There are also some fantastic editing options as well as great rendering across the network at 60fps. This type of application is great for capturing PowerPoint presentations and saving them as video. This flexibility means that you can broadcast to many different sources and record a clean copy for local storage. You are not limited by how many cameras can be captured all at once, provided your PC can keep up with the demand. Other features include transitions, built-in titles, sporting score boards, concerts, church services and virtual sets. This makes Telestream Wirecast Studio is one of the best choices for a live broadcaster, while giving your content a professional look.

  • Designed for Windows
  • Optimized for 64bit CPUs
  • Multiple user definable layers
  • Built in desktop layer

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