Telestream Wirecast Studio: Live streaming production software for Windows Review

Telestream Wirecast Live

Wirecast is a live production tool that will allow anyone to easily and almost effortlessly record live events and create some seriously professional webcasts – from any location! This means that all a team of webcasters needs, is a decent laptop and a broadband internet connection. The world really is your oyster with options such as these for aspiring webcasters and established ones alike. The controls of this program are user friendly and most importantly are intuitive and natural to learn.

This means that you will be up and running within minutes of installing and configuring your streaming event. All streaming functionality is integrated, encapsulating the webcast experience in one single professional package. The fact that sharing live experience content is now so easy to do with this great package means that any news worthy items or shows in your area that need more exposure, can be given the platform that they need to give the isolated and fractured audiences around the globe a great resource that they can access via your YouTube or any other live stream platform.

Wirecast also allows users to utilize several different video sources simultaneously such as multiple cameras, screen regions where video is present, and live sources as well. This makes your broadcasting experience especially easy to use and coordinate, while your viewers will marvel at the great transitional effects and scene changes that you are able to stream in real time. For those that want to use great studio features, there is built in chrom-key effects as well as titles that come with the package.

  • Multiple broadcast types supported support
  • Chroma-key
  • State of the art webcasting
  • Digital background compatible
  • Multiple camera support

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