Telestream Wirecast Studio 7 Live Streaming Software for Mac Review

Telestream Wirecast WC7STU-M

When you need to record, produce and stream all at once, things can get a little tricky to monitor and manage at the same time. That’s where you need the best written software on the market in 2018. They offer multiple rendering and streaming options for you to select from, and this means that your audience will almost never have a reason to miss out on your content. Featuring many inputs for different sources, such as multiple cameras and devices, content creators are able to push the boundaries of their creativity.

The package includes a graphical system health application, that monitors CPU usage and RAM usage, and will tell you how the system is performing in real time, as you broadcast and render video. On the broadcasting side of things there are also many options to keep in mind, such as bit rates, framerates and RTMP queue sizes. With the ability of studio creators to view such detailed information about their broadcasts it is little wonder that so many people are making use of this package in the broadcasting space.

All of the visual effects are present, with items such as switching, chroma-keys and audio mixing. This means that there are literally many different reasons and ways to use this application. If you wish to record a presentation then you can even set your own display as a source, allowing for you to save any video that you might have created. This is a great suite of broadcasting oriented features and has great user functionality.

  • Runs on Mac OS exclusively
  • Offers great rendering and processing power
  • Render, stream and store simultaneously
  • Accepts multitudes of inputs
  • Graphical performance monitoring

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