Movavi Screen Capture 7 Personal Edition Review

Movavi Screen Capture 7

Here we have another great piece of software from Movavi, this time we are taking a look at their Capture 7 Personal Edition. This version is a general purpose screen capturing application, is the best type to have you up and running in next to no time at all. This is because the application has been written with home users in mind, so there are no tedious patch updates that need to be applied or pesky hardware drivers to install, just run the setup file and the rest follows easily. The minimum system requirements are such that there are no computers being sold today that cannot run the Movavi 7, unfortunately there is no Apple support on Mac OS, but if you have a Windows computer then you should be A OK.

This means that users will be recording their custom content within minutes of installation. The Movavi is meant for content creation, personal use and for teaching. This means that things such as tutorials and presentations are a breeze to record and broadcast. Video chat conversations or live streaming events can also be captured with ease perfect for the home broadcaster. There are pre-set video modes that you can select from, and the application lets you record at a full 60 frames per second which allows for video clips.

Once you have captured your content and exported it, you can go ahead and upload your creation to YouTube, Facebook, FTP or even S3 the choices are many. Once you have installed the application, be sure to activate with the key that was provided to you by Amazon.

  • Low system requirements
  • Captures sound and video
  • Keystrokes and mouse movements are also captured
  • Video format conversion options
  • Share recordings via social media networks

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