Livestream Studio Software USB Dongle Review


The Live Stream Studio suite is a live production application that gives users a professional multi input solution for a live broadcasting environment. More than that it offers a free trial of the product. It allows a user to both record and stream at the same time, making for a comprehensive broadcasting solution. Livestream Studio lets the user stream to any Real Time Messaging Protocol compatible service such as Livestream, Youtube Live, Ustream and Flash RTMP. Users can also output their stream to desktop compatible browsers, meaning that just an internet connection is all that stands in the way of your content and your viewers. As long as their device is compatible with Flash, adaptive bitrate HLS and RTMP then they will be able to view your content.

Livestream works by turning your computer into a virtual broadcasting terminal, or a live production control room like the type that you would find in a broadcasting studio, perfect for the home broadcaster. It features live video switching for up to 25 HD inputs with full frame rate multi views, as well as graphical overlays and professional cut and fade transitions.

The live switching features allow for in-venue broadcasting as well as live to tape production for network or even local television programming. This can be done either with or without streaming live to the internet if you so choose wile utilizing one of its supported live output channels.

Users are encouraged to download the free version of this product to give themselves a rough idea of how it works, as well as learning about how the features work. Once a customer is satisfied that the free Livestream will work as anticipated and intended, then they can go ahead and buy the USB dongle to unlock the full potential of this awesome product. The USB dongle is a security device that the software communicates with so that the program knows that you are indeed the legal owner of the application. Once it registers with the license on the USB dongle then you are all set and ready to become a broadcaster.

  • Streams live to RTMP services
  • Includes USB dongle
  • Simultaneous Flash, HLS and RTSP output
  • Free trial package
  • Supports 25 live inputs

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