D3DGear Game Recording Software and Live Streaming Software Review

D3DGear Game Recording

Here we have the best recording platform for PC gamers that wish to broadcast their gaming prowess to all of their social media followers on the internet. This is purely a software solution, and requires no additional hardware to start working. All a person needs to do is configure the D3DGear is to adjust the recording settings and then play their favourite titles. Whether you are an RPG player or a First Person Shooter kind of person, you will be able to use D3DGear to great effect, and you will have a very easy time of doing it.

Live streaming from D3DGear Game is handled by twitch.tv, hitbox.tv and ustream.tv. There is very little effect on your gaming PC due to the fact that the application has been written with multi-threaded CPUs in mind. This means that a computer with multiple processing cores can assign individual tasks to themselves, and relieve the rest of the CPU to continue accessing the rest of its resources, thus creating a parallel execution environment for applications. This translates to a smooth recording and gaming experience simultaneously.

There is an informative and intuitive Heads Up Display on screen as you continue playing your games and creating content as you go. The package supports Direct X 8/9/10 and 11, OpenGL, and Mantle game, straight out of the box. It is also capable of capturing Aero desktop enhancements. Fast MPEG-4v2, Fast MJPEG, Windows Media Video, 9 and Huffyuv Lossless Software Codec Supports AMD APP, NVIDIA NVENC and Intel Quick Sync GPU H.264 are all supported as well.

There are many formats that it is capable of rendering such as AVI, AVI2 and WMV, making this a great all round game recorder for any aspiring broadcaster or avid gamer that has an online following or presence.

  • Allows you to record gameplay
  • Light on system resources
  • FPS display
  • Live stream to twitch.tv
  • Multithread support

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