OneSpace 50-JN1301 Ultramodern Glass Desk Review

OneSpace 50-JN1301 Ultramodern Glass Computer Desk with Drawers, White

A petite, elegant, and stylish desk that you can place in any room. This one takes up very little space. The desk is very appealing and the highlight of this secretary desk is the glass top. That, adds to the attraction and beauty of the desk.

This one is a non-serious type of desk and does not give you the ‘all-work-and-no-play’ look. It includes two drawers for ease of organizing and maintaining a neater appearance on top. You can easily set it in any corner of the house, it will always look pleasing.

The white finish gives it the flexibility to be placed anywhere at home or in the office, as it normally blends with the background. The place still looks spacious and clean, yet it organizes all your belongings.

The table top has a tempered, strong, frosted, glass which makes it look very pleasing to the eye. You can also place a vase with fresh flowers, a stationary organizer, and other desktop items to make it look like a nice and warm piece of furniture.

Modern, light and stylish, this desk gets a thumbs up from us due to its utility and simply elegant design.

Why Do We Like It?

The modern design and drawers add to the appeal of this desk. It’s adaptability to fit in any room makes it a highly recommended option for all buyers. Moreover, it also gives you enough leg space, so no matter what your height, you will find it to be just perfect.


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