Monarch Traditional Secretary Desk Review

Monarch Traditional Secretary Desk, 36-Inch, Antique White

Manufactured from the strong, sturdy wood material, this conventional style, the small sized secretary desk is bound to stand out in your house. The clean, white finish makes it a favorite for many and is easy to adjust and match with any room in the house.

The size of the desk is approximately 37.75” in height, 35.75” wide, 18” in depth. Although the construction of this desk is quite the contemporary type, yet the beauty comes with its ability to fit perfectly into any household and blend with all kinds of furniture designs.

It may be used as a computer/laptop table or serve as a simple table top for keeping all your office files, books, papers, etc. It also has one large drawer to keep all other stuff safe and to keep the main top clutter free.There are also two other smaller drawers on both sides to place other stuff like your stationery, valuables, and other essentials you wouldn’t want lying around.

The design of the desk includes separate sections for placing the books, decorative items, clocks etc. in a more organized manner. This way it will not look like a boring old work desk lying in a corner, but will always look pleasing to the eye.

It is not delivered in the assembled state, however, it is really easy to put it together by just following the simple instructions included with the package.

Why Do We Like It?

Sturdy and made from the high-quality wood, this is a timeless piece. It will never go out of fashion and looks great placed in any small place. So, it’s not just useful in keeping all your papers and work related stuff but also never looks dull, in fact, add more warmth and grace to any corner you place it in.


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