Monarch Specialties High Ladder Desk Review

Monarch Specialties High Ladder Bookcase with a Drop-Down Desk, 61-Inch, White

Another drop down desk, this desk is made from the MDF, particle board and melamine. Although it looks quite similar to the last one we saw above by Monarch but comes in the white finish. This gives it an edge and makes it look roomy and makes the room in which it is placed, warmer and brighter.

There are a half backed lower shelf and two shelves up top. The door or hutch of this roll top desk for sale can be pulled down to close when required. Your desk can look neat even when not in use, with the door closed. You can place decorative items and other essentials on the top shelf to make it more attractive as well.

This small roll top desk is great for serving as a nice workstation in a small space. Solidly built, the good quality material used in its construction ensures the desk is very durable and easy to set up too!

Why Do We Like It?

This one is great in terms of making use of limited space and the white colored finish makes it even more appealing and makes it easier to blend with the surrounding. It does not stand out on its own, which is great, especially when you have a space limitation.

Subtle, convenient, extremely useful and attractive, this desk is the need of the hour!


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