Monarch Ladder Style Computer Desk Review

Monarch Ladder Style Computer Desk, Dark Taupe, 61

A great design by Monarch, this one works great in areas where space is limited. Designed as a drop down desk, it offers good space for laptops and provides good working space. The dark taupe color goes well with most of the interiors.

Made from melamine and particle board, it comes with three shelves; two on top and one at the bottom. The storage door can slide down and be useful for concealing the clutter or for keeping the valuables away from sight. This ladder desk goes well with any corner or smaller space and can be used as a workstation, for keeping your books, other documents and the like safe and organized.

The desk comes unassembled, but can be put together by following the simple instructions that come with it. You can make the maximum usage of space with this vertically-oriented shelf. This desk is great for all types of houses, small or huge, as it offers a neater look and helps keep all the essential items in one place.

Why Do We Like It?

The best thing about this desk is that it never looks messy or cluttered. Just close the door when the desk is not in use, and make it look like an attractive ladder desk at all times. You can also place decorative items, vases, and photographs etc. on the top shelf to make it more attractive. Just keep it in a corner and use it to keep all your work stuff in an organized way.

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