Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk Review

Origami RDE-01

The Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk for Gaming is one of the most reasonably priced and efficient desks for gaming. This desktop desk is not only lightweight and portable but also stable and sturdy for regular use. This is almost a custom PC desk which can be folded in less than a minute. It’s easy to set up and assemble. As it requires minimal assemblage, it is ready for use from the moment you buy it. It has a foldable frame design which makes it convenient and versatile.

It comes with a two-piece folding mechanism and dual locks.

It is a good gaming desk that allows an inbuilt computer tower above the ground to store your CPU and not let it mingle with dust. The tabletop is removable and is made of steel. It allows a wide surface area to accommodate your monitor, controllers, speakers and everything else. The wheels on its feet add more portability and convenience to it. It comes in a black attractive color and is a reasonably priced setup that comes within US$100. It’s lightweight and you can easily shift it to any place, hassle-free.

Designed in a sturdy steel frame, it has a particle wood top that is also scratch-resistant. This multi monitor desk has a built-in extra shelf that works as a crossbar and also accommodates your CPU and speakers. It is capable of holding a maximum weight of 250 pounds and has a plenty place to have more than one monitor. You could also keep accessories like printers, speakers, and keyboards. Most computer desks do not allow room for so many devices and aren’t as reasonably priced as this one. Evenly distribute all your accessories on the surface and make sure your gadgets do not wobble. Its weight is near 46 pounds. It is a fully assembled gaming desk which needs no extra tools or doesn’t include the hassle of screws and lever. Its sturdy yet lightweight nature makes it durable for extended periods of time. This desk is an all-rounder desk. One could use it as a modern gaming desk as well as a study desk. It holds books and other gadgets quite efficiently.

  • Portable – easy to carry around
  • Accommodates almost everything
  • In-built shelf above the ground

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