Premium Moscow Mule Copper Unlined Gift Review

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set Of 4 (Four). By Knooop. Pure Solid Hammered Copper Mules, A Premium Gift Set Kit. Drink Healthy From Unlined 16 Oz (16-ounce) 100 % Copper Cups.

As the name suggests, these are the un-plated, unlined, 100% Moscow mule copper mugs. You can indulge in your Moscow mule just the way the people enjoyed it at the time it was invented. Each handcrafted copper mug is great for all kinds of drinks like iced tea, ginger ale, other cocktails, and even chilled water. The copper makes it stay cool and fresh till the very last sip.

It’s not just the inside of it that stays cool, but the frosting effect travels right up to the brim of the mug. So much so that when you take the first sip, you feel the cold on your lips. Since these are made from the pure copper, the vodka in the Moscow mule actually tastes just as it should.

Due to a certain oxidization and reaction of the vodka with the copper, you will find that the flavor and rich aroma is much more enhanced in these mugs. The best way to get the full experience of the Moscow mule is in one of these great cups.

The set comes in a nice packing of black and gold and is one of the best gifts for house warming parties, anniversaries or weddings.

  • Made of 100% pure copper.
  • Keep your cold drinks colder.
  • Comes with perfect packing for two (Great gift option).
  • Handmade, hammered eye catching design.
  • Perfect volume of 16 oz.

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