Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Set Review

Moscow Mule 8 set

Another set of four Moscow copper mugs. They have a solid, pure, copper body on the outside but are lined with Nickel on the inside. A great option for the health-conscious, as in this one there’s no chance of any traces of copper of getting mixed in your cocktail.

They work just like the pure copper ones and keep your beverage cold. They are quite durable and strong. The handle is made from brass and lets you comfortably hold your mug. The multipurpose one can be used for all of your favorite cocktails and drinks, even pure water!

Lustrous, sparkling, and hammered, these cool looking mugs will get you instantly noticed and approved by the mule fans all over the globe. They have a capacity to hold up to 18 ounces of liquid; which makes it great and spacey enough to hold a full mug of the mule.

Just hand wash the mugs and frequently try to polish them to get them to stay good as new. It is recommended to never place these in the dishwasher and to use the copper cleaner to clean them.

  • The modern design
  • Works best with beers, cocktails and ices tea.
  • Copper body with brass handle and nickel lined.
  • Affordable set of four cups.

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