Morken Barware Moscow Mule Mugs Review

Morken Barware 2-Piece

This set of Moscow mule copper mugs is made from 100% copper and each mug is made from a thick copper material. This gives them a heavy feel and a nice grip for handling the cold.

Since the pure mule is meant to be served in a copper mug, to enable the copper and vodka to react and enrich its flavor, these copper cups, do exactly the same. Each mule mug weighs over half a pound and is made with intricate handcrafting.

It takes 48 hours to actually produce each mug and it involves a total of 15 steps for the entire process to complete. Since these are handcrafted, no two are entirely identical in shape or size. This is actually the beauty of the craftsmanship. The beauty and details of these Morken barware mugs are superb and speaks of its highest-quality standards.

The two mugs are delivered in a nice gift box with complete details, including the story of the invention of the cocktail. This makes it a very presentable gift to be given to your loved ones and close friends.

  • Comes with great packing of 2 which makes it a perfect gift.
  • Very eye catching and shinning design.
  • Made of 100% pure copper.
  • Great attention to detail in design.

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