Handmade Hammered Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Review

Moscow Mule Copper

One of the finest Moscow Mule cups, these have been made from the pure copper material. The exterior surface is polished and extra shiny due to the layer of food grade lacquer. This coat doesn’t just add to the shine but also serves as a protective layer around the mule mug to keep it safe and protected from tarnishing or spots of any kind.

Get yourself the pure experience of the Moscow mule in your very own copper Moscow mule mugs, beautifully handcrafted and hammered. The handcrafting has been done to the minutest detail and with the accurate hammering to give your Moscow mule cup the genuine, traditional look.

There are absolutely no added chemicals or linings used in it, so you can rest assured that it is just in accordance with the health and quality standards. The mug is polished and has the smoothest finish, so it makes the experience all the more comfortable and enjoyable for you.

Your cocktail retains its same, heavenly taste in this mug and gives you the fresh, chilled feel with every gulp. This mug enhances the flavors of all types of beverages like the ciders, coffee, whiskey, cocktails and even pure water. You can enjoy cool, chilled water as well, on a hot sunny day in your own Moscow mule mug.

  • Above average volume capacity of 18 oz.
  • The set of two comes with 2 straws and 1 Shot Glass.
  • 100% genuine copper.
  • Perfect handmade design.
  • Comes with lifetime guarantee.

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