Double-Wall Moscow Mule Mug Review

Double-Wall Moscow Mule

Another simple yet dramatic Moscow mule mug.  Enjoy the same great taste and freshness every time in this Moscow mule copper mug. This mug is insulated all along to avoid any cold droplets from forming on the surface and getting your palms wet. Ideal for social events and decent parties.

It gives you the right look, the same great taste, and the decent serving at all gatherings or functions. The mug is plated with copper and has a stainless steel lining on the inside. The main distinguishing feature of the mug is the double wall.

This prevents the mug from ‘sweating’ or leaving any undesired condensation drops on the table or coaster. This is an advanced version of the traditional mule mug. It is made from the top quality copper and stainless steel and is ideal for your health.

The mug has a capacity of 16 ounces and is gaining more popularity at the local pubs and bars. You can enjoy the basic Moscow mule or the other variants of the traditional Moscow mule as you desire. The mug is suited for all.

  • Plain and smooth classical design that is eye catching.
  • Capacity of 16 oz.
  • Made of copper exterior and commercial-grade stainless steel.

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