Copper-Plated 20 Ounce Moscow Mule Mugs Review

Copper-Plated 20 Ounce Mule

This one has the best space for your Moscow mule as well as the ice cubes and has a classic copper look. The mug includes an inner lining of stainless steel, and the exterior is copper plated. The handle is made from the solid brass material and the mug is handcrafted to detail.

It makes it look all traditional and just the way your mule deserves to be served; whereby preventing oxidation between the copper and the vodka. This is great for the health conscious folks. Stainless steel also has the dual advantage of not getting rusted or getting any spots on the surface.

The mug can easily be cleaned after use by a damp piece of cloth and dried with a dry cloth. The beverage stays chilled and cool to the last sip, as long as you have placed enough ice cubes. You can use the mug for the traditional Moscow mule or for any other type of beverage or coffee or any other cocktail of your choice.

The handle is made from solid brass, and wide enough to give you a comfortable grip while sipping away your favorite cocktail.

  • Large capacity of 20 oz.
  • Plain and simple design.
  • 100% copper made with brass handles for perfect grip.
  • Sturdy, durable and well-made.

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