A29 Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set Review

A29 Moscow Mule

Share the classic Moscow mule beverage with your friends, or loved ones with this classic set of four mule mugs that are the best available for 2017. Each one has a volume of 16 ounces and is made from pure copper. No added linings, or plating; just the traditional Moscow mule mug made from Pure food grade copper.

This one will give your beverage the best taste, every time. Try it and you’ll instantly fall in love. You can and you should enjoy the Moscow mule, just the way it was made to be relished; in your very own 100% copper, high-quality one. Get the feeling of Moscow in your own home with this great one.

The handcrafted copper one is made from the top-quality copper, which makes it safer for all your drinks consumption. The copper ensures your cocktail stays chilled at all times. The offer also includes a recipe booklet and a shot glass that come complimentary with the deal.

The beautiful Moscow mule copper mugs will have you noticed, every time you fix yourself a cocktail or serve it in these shiny mugs. It is very easy to clean them too. Just use the copper cleaner cream after use, available easily in the market. This will help you to retain its luster and your mugs will stay good as new for years.

Why buy the cheaper alternatives, when you can get the real thing? These are just perfect for any party, event, or just to create an evening worth remembering. They have lacquer on the outside, which makes their shine more lasting and noticeable.

This one is the perfect size for your beverage, plus it can easily hold the beverage, with minimal chances of spillage.

  • Strong made of pure 100% copper.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Perfect size with a volume of 16 ounces.
  • Great for party and events to create an impression.

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