SIEMENS TOUCHING High Performance Hearing Sound Amplifier Review

The Siemens Touching Personal Sound Amplifier his a high-performance hearing personal sound amplifier that will definitely enhance your listening ability. It has 1 channel with a fitting range of greater than 90dB. With robust yet small design and protection against water and perspiration, it will suit any lifestyle. You can wear it with confidence in any situation or listening environment.

The Siemens Touching has an easy to use one-touch NH Trimmer with excellent digital output and an automatic low noise MNR (microphone noise reduction). These features enable you to hear better even in a crowded noisy room. It has a button control that adjusts for a loud or soft listening environment and rocker volume control. It also features an advanced feedback cancellation system. You get a carry case, battery and three different size earplugs included in the package.

  • 3 different size earplugs included
  • One touch NH Trimmer
  • Rocker volume control
  • Automatic MNR

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