Ovation Link Personal Hearing Amplifier Review

Ovation Link Personal

A great personal hearing amplifier the Ovation Link has advanced digital audio technology to give you the best boost for your hearing. Some hearing amplifiers have howling and whistling sounds that drive you crazy, not the Ovation Link with its adaptive feedback cancellation. The state-of-the-art layered noise reduction allows you to enjoy an intimate conversation, or that night out in a busy restaurant with confidence and ease.

The Ovation Link has wide dynamic range compression which will assist you to hear well in any audio environment, whether you are in a noisy room or a quiet restaurant. It comes with 4 preprogrammed listening settings and has an optional sleeve that will allow for an easy and comfortable fit in your ear. The Ovation Link is very small and discreet allowing you to use it anywhere and anytime with confidence. The Ovation Link comes with a retention loop, protective sleeve, wax guard set, 24 batteries (that is six months’ worth), cleaning brush, storage case, and user guide.

  • Small and discreet
  • Advanced audio technology
  • Adaptive feedback cancellation
  • Layered noise reduction

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