Otofonix Personal Hearing Sound Amplifier Review


The Otofonix Hearing Personal Amplifier is a feature-packed personal sound amplifier that will benefit anybody who is experiencing some form of hearing loss. It comes with 4 preset memory settings for normal, which is for every day. Noisy for when you want to reduce background noise to concentrate on a conversation, such as in a crowded restaurant. Treble which will reduce the high pitch noises, and then of course quite. This is for when you are in a quiet environment and if set on this mode, it also will save your battery.

Other features of this personal sound amplifier are adaptive layered digital noise reduction, 12 band digital sound processing and output limiting to reduce excessively loud sounds. The Otofonix has 10 volume levels and is easily adjusted with only one finger.

You will also get a cleaning kit with a magnet to remove the battery with ease. Two formed sound tubes to ensure that your Otofonix fits comfortably, 3 different size ear tips, and a six-pack of batteries.

  • Adaptive Layered Noise Reduction
  • 12 Band digital sound processing
  • Output limiting
  • 10 Volume levels

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