LifeEar ClearTec BOOST Left Ear Hearing Amplifier Review

LifeEar ClearTec BOOST Left Ear Hearing

LifeEar ClearTec Boost Left Ear Hearing Amplifier is not a hearing aid. It is quite literally an amplifier that enhances and amplifies speech, separating it from the surrounding noises and enabling you to hear somebody speaking to you one on one clearly. The LifeEar uses energy efficient, twelve-band digital sound, making your hearing more clear and precise.

The LifeEar ClearTec is designed by audiologist to enable you to be comfortable in any environment. Whether it is that discreet conversation, watching television, or listening to the radio, you will find yourself not having to lean in to hear what is being said. LifeEar does not just make everything louder, its 12 band digital sound processing will focus on what you need to hear, and will reduce the background noise to enable you to hear speech more clearly.

The LifeEar is very easy to use. It has a single switch which controls volume and frequency so you can easily adapt it for different listening environments. The LifeEar ClearTec is already assembled when you get it, so you will not have to struggle putting any small fiddly parts together. Just take it out the box and use. You will also receive everything you need to start using the LifeEar immediately including batteries, tubing, and two sizes of the LifeEar tip. You also get a cleaning kit and user manual.

  • 12 band digital sound
  • Single switch control
  • Small and discreet
  • Ready to use from box

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