iHEAR MAX – Home Programmable High Definition Hearing Device Review

iHEAR MAX - First & Only Home-Programmable High Definition

The iHEAR MAX is almost invisible and fits comfortably behind-the-ear. It offers 100% clear crisp digital sound and best of all you can customize it yourself in the comfort of your home in mere minutes. You will have to purchase the iHEAR MAX Programming Kit in order to program the device to suit your requirements.

This is a USA manufactured and designed device that features Automatic Feedback Cancellation, Telecoil for telephone and audio loops, as well as Digital Noise Reduction. The iHEAR MAX has four sound profiles so you will be comfortable hearing in any listening environment. To make the iHEAR MAX comfortable for all types and sizes of ears, it also includes an assortment of tips which will fit a variety of ear canal sizes and shapes. On top all of that you get one months’ supply of batteries and tips. Petite clear wire sizing is available for people with very small ears.

  • Customizable in the comfort of your home
  • Digital sound quality
  • Automatic Feedback Cancellation
  • Digital Noise Reduction

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