Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Rechargeable Ziv-201 Review

Banglijian Rechargeable Ziv-201

A hearing amplifier designed by audiologists or hearing doctors the Banglijian Hearing Amplifier is rechargeable and easy to use. It is designed to be used in either left or right ear comfortably and is very durable. The Banglijian offers exceptional digital tone quality for clarity of voice and low audio distortion. The noise reduction feature allows you to hear well even in a crowded noisy environment. The Banglijian has an adjustable volume control for either noisy or quiet audio environments.

With the Banglijian hearing amplifier, you also get a USB cable for charging, a shockproof case for easy storage and carrying, a sound tube, cleaning brush, power adaptor, and 3 different size earplugs.

  • Adjustable volume control
  • Noise reduction feature
  • Rechargeable
  • 3 Different size earplugs

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