Audicus Solo Hearing Amplifier Review

Audicus Solo

The Audicus Solo Hearing Amplifier is not a hearing aid, it is a personal sound amplifier that reduces background noise while enhancing speech and other sounds making them clearer and easier to hear, especially in a crowded environment, movie house and other public places.  The Audicus Solo is a German made amplifier that will enhance the quality of your hearing both indoor and out. It will allow you to hear both sounds and voices on your audio devices clearly and give you the ability to conduct quiet conversations without having to ask anybody to repeat themselves.

The Audicus Solo fits discreetly behind your ear and is very comfortable. In fact, you may even forget it is there. The tubing is easy to insert into your ear canal, fits comfortably, and delivers high-quality amplification with no reverberation, echo, or any other problems.

What makes the Audicus a unique hearing amplifier? It can be modified to suit your individual needs through the use of the Tuning Kit and Tuning App for use with Iphones, Ipods, and Ipads. This allows you to do your own home testing to determine what kind of amplification you require. The process is very simple and quick. The Tuning Kit contains two earbuds and two ear muffs. You insert the earbuds into your ears and cover with the muff. Plug the earbuds into your Iphone or Ipad and download the app. Once the test is complete you send the data to Audicus and they will modify your hearing amplifier to suit your needs. If you contact Audicus and indicate you wish to use the Tuner Kit they will send the Tuner Kit, Kit-compatible headphones, and the Tuner App for free, if returned within 14 days.

The Audicus Solo offers you 4 volume programs, so no matter what audio needs you have you can adjust your Solo to help you hear better. It also comes with a hard-shell carry case for easy transport and storage.

  • Small and discreet
  • Free Tuner Kit & Tuner App
  • 4 Volume programs
  • Hard-shell carry case

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