Proctor Silex 62507 Hand Mixer Review

Proctor Silex 62507 5-Speed Easy Mix

If you need a basic mixer and have a low budget, here is one great option. This one has five-speed levels and runs at 100 watts of power. One highly reliable kitchen appliance, this one works great for making all those cake batters, whisking egg whites, making the ganache, whipped cream, etc.

The attachments, after use, can easily be ejected and washed. Although it seems quite small and is light in weight, this one is quite powerful for all your mixing and whipping needs.

The beaters are made from chrome material to give you the best mixing experience. It comes with an instructions manual for further ease of use, especially for the beginners.

While mixing and beating, if you ever wish to take a break to grab a few ingredients, or simply to put it down, the mixer has a nice ‘bowl rest feature’, and can be placed on the counter in a stable position.

Very portable and compact, it is great in case you wish to take it with you during traveling. The handle on top gives extra support and a strong grip while mixing. All in all, a very stable, strong and easy to use a hand mixer, for all the standard kitchen work.

  • Among the cheapest on our list.
  • 5 speed mixer.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to grip.

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