BLACK+DECKER MX3200B Hand Mixer Review


This black beauty comes with professional beaters to give you the most powerful mixing, whereby keeping the mixer steady and easy to hold. The attachments are made of the professionals and are really light in weight, in order to keep it compact and light.

The appliance has six-speed levels that start from the lowest and go up to the highest speed. It also comes with a heel and bowl rest, for putting it down on the counter while doing other work or adding the other ingredients.

Also included in the package is the storage box. The black storage box has a conventional style, for keeping your accessories in one place. You won’t have to rummage through the drawers looking for the beaters, the kneading hooks, or the chef’s whisk. Just keep them in their respective box after cleaning and you’ll find them just where they are most likely to be found every time.

Very strong and long lasting, this mixer is bound to be your best friend when it comes to whipping cream, ganache or making the cake/cupcake batter. Overall, a very appealing appliance and gives you the best results for all the simple mixing tasks in the kitchen.

  • Affordable.
  • Comes with storage case.
  • Powerful 250 watts motor.
  • Come with 6-speed options.
  • Lightweight.

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