WE Furniture 58″ Wood TV Stand Storage Console Review

WE Furniture 58

This is a fantastic gaming TV stand that also offers decent storage spave for all of you’re a/V equipment such as your gaming consoles, blue ray players, DVD players, surround sound stereo system, and more! Display items such as picture frames and ornaments can also find a home in this unit and will be a highlight of design décor in any room. This unit features some sturdy feet and a solid flat top for TVs to balance on perfectly. This particular model features an almost reclaimed style and looks really modern and chic. The reclaimed style refers to the repurposing or modifying of old furniture to create a more appropriate design piece for a particular purpose, and it suits this unit perfectly.

The colour available is described as a drift wood shade of white and brown, which gives it that oceanic, sun-bleached appearance. This unit is just as at home in the centre of your living room as it is tucked away in a corner which means that this is one versatile piece of furniture. The construction here is top notch, with seemingly solid pieces of wood holding the whole thing together. The unit’s storage area is divided into a left and right side, with adjustable, independent shelving on each size. This means that consumers that purchase this premium piece of home styling furniture will have options when it comes to displaying asymmetrical equipment and objects as the left hand side can be adjusted independently from the right.

  • Reclaimed urban styling
  • Accommodates most flat screen TVs, up to 60 inches
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Ample storage space for A/V equipment
  • High strength MDF and laminate

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