TV Video Game Stand, Gaming Storage Rack Hub Console Review

TV Video Game Stand, Gaming Storage Rack Hub Console

Here we have another great option for gamers, accommodating 3 consoles, many gaming titles and 8 controllers. The overall shape of the unit comes together and creates an “X” shape, which fits into the gamer aesthetic that you may or may not be considering in your gaming room or man cave. There are 8 separate partitions in this cleverly crafted unit, and each can hold different items, such as TV remote controls, console controllers an even a gamin console’s motion camera, if you are into that sort of thing.

The overall construction and shape of this unit makes it a great option for anyone seeking out durability and strength, and the rubber feet provide a scuff-free balance option that will be a great relieve for rental tenants. Some people may find that the TV size limitation may not be in-line with their pre-existing one, but the great thing about these units is that, if placed near enough to a wall, the TV can be mounted directly to it, meaning that the top of the unit can be used for anything else, such as ornaments or photo frames.

This product is priced right and is really sturdy, meaning that it should provide you with many years of solid usage.

  • Fits up to 42 inches of TV goodness
  • Holds 40 games, 3 consoles and 8 controllers
  • Rubber safety feet
  • Strong, holds up to 100 pounds
  • Extreme styling

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