Sauder Multimedia Gaming Storage Tower Review

Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower,

When you are on the hunt for your next gaming TV stand, do yourself a favour and spare a thought for the overall storage that you are expecting to get out of the unit. This seemingly insignificant consideration could end up saving you a ton of extra work by having to put away all of your nick-naks when it comes time to store them away. In addition to the unit’s great over all look and build quality, there are also two different colour options, cinnamon cherry and a clean and clinical white. Depending on your décor you may prefer the darker brown cinnamon cherry over the lighter white colour, but one thing remains the same, exceptional build quality and well thought out design.

Because of this unit’s striking similarity to a conventional shelving system, some customers have also reported that they are able to store small to medium sized book with little in the way of problems or issues. These shelves are strong and should have no issues holding the weight of your reading materials, as long as you don’t exceed the load bearing capacity for shelving of this size.

These elements all come together to create a unit that encompasses style and functionality, with ample space and strong, sturdy build quality. For those that have asymmetrical items that need different shelf heights, there is an easy to adjust peg system that allows for you to easily remove shelves and reinstall them at different heights, meaning that even the most cumbersome of display items can be accommodated with minimal effort. The assembled dimensions are 32.4” W x 9.4” D x 45.4” H, so be sure to measure out your intended location and make sure that everything will fit as anticipated. This great piece of functional furniture that is sure to get you some great compliments from anyone who visits you in your home.

  • 6 adjustable shelves
  • Holds 280 DVDs or 426 CDs
  • Eligible for free replacement parts
  • Available in white and cinnamon cherry
  • 6 sturdy rubber feet for perfect balance

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