LevelUp Wii Factor Game Storage Tower Review

LevelUp Wii Factor Game Storage Tower

This next item on our list is a Nintendo fan’s dream come true: a purpose built shelf that holds your console, controllers, Wii guitar controllers, your games and more! Those with newer Nintendo hardware such as the Wii U will be pleased to know that this product will fit your console and controllers as well. For those without a Nintendo console there are also some storage options as other gaming consoles will fit in the console area, and your games will also fit into the ribbed DVD/Blue ray slots, but your controls may have some slight space issues that you will have to be aware of. Luckily though, Levelup also makes Sony Play Station units as well, ensuring a perfect fit for both consoles. While not as contemporarily stylish as some of the other shelving units, this shelving piece will not be out of place in a child’s bedroom or gaming area.

The construction is plastic and as a result can be easily snapped together for assembly. Disassembly will follow the same procedure but in reverse. The top of the unit features some holders for your controllers, and on the left and right hand sides of the unit are features two custom designed guitar holders to ensure your gaming peripherals are always kept away neatly and tidily. There are 20 DVD/Blue ray slots for your games collection, which may or may not suffice for your gaming library, depending on the size of your collection, but most casual gamers should have no issues with this.

The black and white styling is really great, and can be made to work in your existing space depending on your colour styling choices. Overall this is a great children’s unit or a worthy fit for your man cave or gaming area in your house or apartment.

  • Organizes gaming gear
  • Snaps together for quick assembly
  • Built in gaming guitar holder
  • Ribbed shelves for DVD cases
  • Ventilated console bay

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