Atlantic VG Spyder TV/Gaming Hub Review

Atlantic VG Spyder TV/Gaming Hub

The Spyder is a sleek and stylish solution that features a strong and durable steel rod frame. The unit’s main appeal is the organizational capabilities that it presents, meaning that your console gaming units and accessories will always have a permanent place where they can be displayed and stored. The total storage capacity is 3 consoles, 2 controllers, 2 guitars and 6 games. There is a power strip cage at the back of this unit as well so that the power cables that connect and supply all of your electrical needs are met in a convenient and secure section, so that nothing can be accidentally pulled out. It also adds the unit’s already minimalist aesthetic and allows for proper cable management and the securing of cables.

Part of this unit’s great accessibility features is the fact that it is possible to adjust everything from the viewing height to the viewing angle, which can be adjusted to a maximum of 120 degrees. This means that if your viewing angle requirements are slightly different, you should be able to get favourable results from this unit’s customisability.

It is also no slouch in the strength department, allowing for a mammoth 80 pounds’ worth of load to be distributed upon its frame. The frame itself weighs in at a chunky 11 kilograms (around 20 pounds) which gives this a solid look. Perhaps the most unique feature of this unit, however, is the fact that, instead of providing a flat platform for your TV to stand on, it provides brackets for your TV to be secured to. This is what enables the swivel function for your TV to be aimed in the right direction.

  • Steel rod frame
  • Supports up to 42-inch TV
  • Holds 3 consoles
  • Power strip cage
  • Storage basket for accessories

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