Atlantic DrawBridge 240 Media Storage & Organization Cabinet Review

Atlantic DrawBridge 240 Media Storage & Organization Cabinet

Here we have another media storage solution that features some capabilities that you may have become accustomed to by now as we continue to power through our Amazon listed products. Constructed from high strength MDF and super durable veneer, the Atlantic DrawBridge 240 Media Storage & Organization Cabinet lives up to consumer expectations by providing a strong, solid and stylish shelving system and promises a multifunctional media storage and ornamental display experience all rolled up into one.

There are also a few extra features, such as a limitless rearrangement of shelving positions, meaning that some of your bigger display items can be accommodated by merely moving the shelf above it up by a few measures. The base of the unit features the same flat overhang design as the top, giving the unit a symmetrical. ‘I’ shape.

People who have bought this unit and are worried about its load bearing capacity and balance need not worry as it comes with two wall anchors as well, meaning that your unit can be fastened to a wall, ensuring that it will not fall over if securely installed as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Atlantic’s DrawBridge solution is a top notch offering from a well-established company. They have many thousands of happy customers around the globe having purchased their furniture, accessories and miscellaneous, premium items.

  • Holds a massive 240 CDs
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Multipurpose design
  • Classic style
  • Easy assembly

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