Atlantic 88335750 Epic 3 in 1 TV Stand and Mount Review

Atlantic 88335750 Epic 3 in 1 TV Stand and Mount

The Atlantic 88335750 Epic 3 in 1 TV Stand and Mount features some great options for TV fans and gamers to appreciate. It has a solid wood and metal construction that will see your A/V equipment being nestled safely and securely within and on top of this strong unit. Seeing as this product has been touted as a 3 in 1 solution, we might as well take a look and see what this means for you the consumer. Well, for starters, it can be used as a traditional TV stand, allowing for TVs to be set up on top. It also comes with a wall mounting bracket and conduit that sits neatly behind the unit and will allow your TV to sit perfectly at the right viewing angle for you.

Inside of this unit is multiple shelving options for you to select from, so your different consoles, A/V equipment like sound amplifiers and Blu ray / DVD players. This means that many different configurations can be supported, provided that you do not exceed the already generous space that is on offer. This unit also features a great upright TV stand with several mounting options to choose from, meaning that your TV will probably be accommodated with little to no issues. And if you find that your screen is too much of a behemoth to be mounted, then you always have the option of resting your TV on top of the counter.

  • Supports up to 46 inches of TV
  • 135 pounds of load bearing capability
  • Media storage capable
  • Interchangeable color side and back panels
  • Easy to assemble

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