Razer DeathAdder Chroma Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Review

Razer DeathAdder Chroma Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Now we have come to our next challenger! (Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it?). When we are talking about gaming mice, there is no way we can overlook the company that lives and breathes gaming, from keyboards to high edged gaming mice, Razer is claimed by many MMO grade gamers to be the very best. Its products always seem to give you the winning edge in tournaments. We can now come to Razer’s latest innovation the DeathAdder Chroma accepted by eSports athletes all around the world as the best Gaming Mouse ever created. Its slick and smooth ergonomic design, well suited for right handed gamers, is luxuriated by textured rubber side grips that give you the extra edge, along with 5 independently programmable hyper-response buttons. It’s the perfect design that fits conveniently in your palm is bound to give you the most comfortable gaming experience as well as the winning blow in high ranked tournaments.

When it comes to incredibly swift responsiveness in gaming, know that the Razer DeathAdder Chroma comes fully equipped. Its DPI optical sensor is like none other; with a range of 10,000, it is capable of reaching speeds up to 200 inches per second with 50g acceleration. With the latest Razer Synapse programming, the DeathAdder processes the extreme amount of technical data, including Stats and Heatmaps which allows the user to tweak the Razer DeathAdder Chroma to their personal play tactic along with improved accuracy. With all these features on board, we can sure say it moves like a deadly adder when it comes to gaming. When it comes to that small personal touch that would make your gaming platform a bit more homely you will be pleased to know the DeathAdder Chroma also comes with RGB adjustments.

Top it with a shade of hot red, or personalize it with turquoise green, the RGB adjustment gives you a range of 16.8 million colors and gradations to choose from. Choose the perfect color for the perfect Gaming Mouse! What sets the Razer DeathAdder apart from other gaming mice with RGB adjustments is its inter-device color synchronization. Not to mention Razer’s hardware configurator is equipped with online cloud support. Keep a track of all your mouse movements, from sensitivity to lift-off tracking or even surface calibration. Razer Synapse will help keep you at the top of your game, alongside the latest trending games by keeping your peripherals at their best, through automatic driver and firmware updates.

  • 10,000 DPI Optical Sensor with efficient speed of 200 inches/sec
  • Is able to detect Z-Axis to as low as 1mm
  • Comfortable Ergonomic design that fits perfectly

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