Mad Catz R.A.T.TE Tournament Gaming Mouse Review

Mad Catz R.A.T.TE Tournament Gaming Mouse

A good gaming mouse can give the upper hand in a game and make winning a piece of cake for you. Mad Catz R.AT.TE Tournament gaming mouse can easily be grouped into the category of the best gaming mouse 2016 and the best gaming mouse 2015.  This gaming mouse is updated and improved in all ways possible to help you make stress free movements which are quick enough to startle your opponent. It I

This wireless gaming mouse has been ergonomically updated to fit into your hands nicely. Your fingers won’t be too long or too short for the gaming mice now. It fits perfectly which provides greater comfort while playing. Also, there is an adjustable palm length to suit you, which can be adjusted to you grip technique or the size of your hand.

This extremely light weighing gaming mouse is like another part of your body. It doesn’t feel heavy against your palm as it is only 90 gram. The R.A.T.TE mouse glides so smoothly against any table top or desk. You won’t miss a single strike against your opponent ever; this lightweight enables you to make quick movements and sharp twists and turns which no other cheap gaming mouse could provide. You don’t even have to worry about costly mice. This gaming mouse is the best gaming mouse 2018, with such exceptional prize, the quality the mouse provides is unbelievable. Even if you spend hours playing daily, the mouse will last up to 4 years. It can withstand rough conditions. To enable sensitivity adjustments, the mouse has a range of about 100 – 8200 DPI settings, you can customise it the way you want for best results.

Let’s not forget about the 8200 DPI Laser Doppler sensor, to help you stay in control of your game, the mouse can be adjusted to any surface. Moreover, to help you in any tricky situation, this feature comes in very handy. To keep up with your speedy movements, the mouse has motion detection of 6 m/s and speed of 50 G. The gaming mouse will last longer because it is tolerant to dust and light.

  • The precision aim button simplifies tracking your target and hitting it at every single strike without any hassle. 
  • A special feature of a lift off calibration allows the freedom of your actions while gaming. It can be adjusted from 0.2 mm. To 1 mm.
  • Lightweight and customisable 

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