Logitech G502 12,000 DPI Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G502 12,000 DPI Gaming Mouse

When it comes to the G series of Logitech, be sure to have the privilege of holding a gaming mouse with an extraordinary design. Its surface tuning has the intensity to conveniently calibrate its optical sensor and allow it to efficiently track your specific mouse pad surface weight and balance its tuning by adjusting weight, center balance and placement of weight for an intensely personalized feel. It is also equipped with at least 11 individually programmable buttons; the intelligent placement of these buttons allows the user to set up and execute any command via trigger button. You might be wondering whether it is just another high-tech gaming mouse or is there something that sets it apart from the others. Let’s evaluate the key features of the Logitech G502 gaming mouse and reveal its exclusive ability.

First of all, one of the unique features of the Logitech G502 is its Proteus Core capable of unparallel levels of possible customization.  The processor teamed with its Optical Sensor is able to achieve high-level accuracy and the user will be able to make virtual swipes with enforced precision. There are at least 5 DPI settings that allow you to experience the thrill of GTA at 200 DPI to the exquisite maneuvers of CrySis at 12,000 DPI. The G502 also offers a Dual-Mode Scroll wheel that is designed to handle enhanced click-to-click gaming at hyper-fast speeds. It also has a 32 Bit ARM processor that controls the Proteus Core’s onboard memory in order to assign functions as well as macros to any of t 11 buttons. We all are familiar with the moment when no matter how soft the surface of our desk or the mouse pad we still face certain resistance from our mice. The weight balance tuning allows avoiding just that by adjusting weight, center balance and placement of weights for a more personalized feel for the user. All these features make this wireless gaming mouse one of the best products on offer right now.

  • 11 programmable buttons for a greater number of trigger capacity.
  • On-the-Fly DPI, with a range of 200-12,000.
  • Dual mode hyper-fast scroll wheel.

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