Corsair M65 Wired Gaming Mouse Review

Corsair M65 Wired Gaming Mouse

Technology is advancing at a speed that knows no boundaries. Our generation has become so addicted to the technology that we cannot imagine even a fraction of second of our lives without it. And on a positive note this technology, to a great extent, has given us what we humans never imagined of achieving. Through technology, we have created a whole new world of gaming and virtual reality. Gaming is one world, today’s youth swear by and much to their excitement every day something new is introduced making their experience better and better. In the recent years, the gaming industry has evolved a lot with more powerful and advanced gadgets being brought to the light. Corsair M65 Wired Gaming Mouse is one such gadget which will leave gaming enthusiasts drooling over its technology.

This super advanced mouse is Corsair product, which is known for its high-quality products. This one is backed with a lot of advanced features like color customizable backlighting and 12,000 DPI laser sensors. There are in total eight programmable buttons which are well supported with a tactile high-mass scroll wheel. This Corsair M65 Gaming Mouse is optimized for hardcore play and also contains a sniper button, dedicated Omron switches, and a top-grade aluminum base which add more to the high professional feel. The superior designing and the selection of high-performance materials make this mouse go on for hours and hours; the usage is so smooth that after a time you don’t realize that it is a gadget and not your hand you are playing with. This mouse is made using the well-known M65 technology.

For virtually infinite customization, this hand extension offers you an upgraded three zone backlighting technology. Developed to perform excellently even on the average surfaces, this M65 RGB is fully backed by the pixel-precise laser sensors. This Corsair M65 Wired Gaming Mouse is very easy to operate as it provides an easy button mapping mechanism for your favorite games. It allows the gamer to pick the suitable response time from many available options according to the performance of your desktop surface. The Corsair M65 is great when it comes to body and designing. Selection of materials has reduced the weight to a great extent resulting in the high rigidity. Low-friction contact points are provided for a smooth gaming experience along with the tuning zones to adjust the weight of your mouse. The overall look of this Corsair M65 will make you fall for it. If you are a serious gamer then you know how important shape and weight are for any gadget.

  • Pixel precise tracking using 12,000 DPI laser sensors
  • Award winning M65 technology
  • Easy configuration and selectable response time

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