Lenovo Z70 17.3-Inch Laptop Core i7 Review

Lenovo Z70 17.3-Inch Laptop

Lenovo z70 is one best gaming laptop under $1000 offering a 17.3-inch jaw-dropping anti-glare display screen. It comes with discrete graphics Intel HD and NVidia 840m both providing powerful cutting-edge processing and full HD display.

The core i7 and 16GB RAM gives you the smooth and cutting edge performance of Windows 10. Furthermore, the 8GB SSD ensures to provide the quickest boot-up time so to keep you updated at all times.

The JBL state of the art speakers provides sharp, clear, superior, and crisp audio sound without any annoying distortions. The z70 comes with a dual digital array microphone to ensure clarity of sound and voice as input.

Lenovo Voice control offers voice commands rather than manual browsing to open apps or requiring the use of a keyboard to type. The energy manager is a very resourceful software to protect and ensure the long-term durability of the laptop by clearing out the dust from fan vents and monitoring the functionality of the integrated components.

You also get ample amount of storage to keep all your personal documents, music albums, and pictures safely and within reach via the 1TB space. It is equipped with a full-size AccuType keyboard that helps increase your typing accuracy, productivity and is also optimized for zooming in & out and scrolling up & down on the Windows 10.

Moreover, the battery lasts up to 4 hours on complete usage.

  • Core i7.
  • 16 GB RAM.
  • SSD.
  • 17.3 inch display + NVidia graphics

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