Lenovo Legion Y520 Gaming Laptop – Core i7-7700HQ Review

Lenovo Legion Y520 - 15.6

The Lenovo Legion Y520 Gaming Laptop features a 7th generation Intel i7 CPU, which is said to have a 12-percent efficiency increase over the previous version of the Intel i7 CPU. This CPU also has a built in media engine, which means that web performance is said to boast a 19 percent performance boost, so Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo fans can enjoy integrated video with smooth performance. Browser games also benefit from this nifty feature, so expect to have an advantage over your foes as you engage them online.

Things get real when we look at the discrete graphics solution that is offered with this fantastic laptop. We have an NVidia GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, which is a decent mid-ranged card that has the power to play your favourite games without having to worry too much about thermal and energy loads. Audio is impressive, feature 2x 2W Harman speakers that are Dolby Audio Premium capable. Dolby Audio Premium has been fine-tuned specially to deliver great sounding audio with crystal clarity and excellent sound reproduction. Not only does this offer gamers a truly immersive gaming experience, but the sound quality offers fantastic media playback for your movies and music, with or without headphones.

Lenovo offers some niche options for gamers, with the inclusion of their customizable recording solution, called Lenovo Nerve Sense. What this does is allows gamers to easily customize their settings like audio, active keys, cooling and network prioritization. This means that gamers can really focus on their favourite titles, making sure that no other applications are sapping valuable bandwidth away from your gaming network needs. Once you are on top form, you may want to record the carnage to show off to your friends. This is where the rest of Lenovo’s Nerve Sense comes into play. Players are able to record, upload and stream to their heart’s content, keeping their friends, followers and fans up to date with their latest strategies and tactics, while showing off their skills at the same time. The intuitive design of this application, combined with its effortless implementation means that after a few uses, gamers will wonder how they ever managed without this great application.

The keyboard features an ominous red backlit keyboard that sends out a clear message to your competitors, and that is that you mean business. It serves a very practical purpose as well, allowing for some late night gaming sessions in the dark, so that nobody else needs to be disturbed. The keys themselves are incredibly slim and have a minute key travel distance of 1.7mm. The end result is a crisp, responsive gaming input experience, as well as a highly productive typing experience.

The weight and thickness of this unit means that no matter your requirements, you will have one of the most portable and thin gaming laptops around. It measures at an impressive 25.8mm, or around 1.01”, and when fully loaded with battery it weighs in at 2.5kg, or 5.3 lbs.

  • Intel Core i7 CPU
  • Ultra-thin, 1.02” thick
  • Ultra-light, 5,28lbs
  • Harman speakers
  • NVidia GeForce GTX 1050

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