CybertronPC Rhodium RX-480H Gaming Desktop Review

CybertronPC Rhodium RX-480H

The CybertronPC Rhodium RX-480H Gaming Desktop is a top class, multi-purpose sub $1000 desktop computer. The 240 GB SSD ensures rapid boot times and fast app loading whilst the 2 TB HDD provides enough storage to hold a ton of movies, photos, music and games. The 6 core AMD FX-6350 runs at 3.9 GHz and is backed up by 16 GB RAM and a zippy AMD Radeon RX-480 video card with 4 GB video RAM.


You also get gigabit Ethernet (no WiFi), 5 x USB 3 ports and a generous 3 x DisplayPort for easily connecting multiple monitors. A 24x DVD RW drive and a standard keyboard and mouse completes the package.

  • USB 3
  • 3 DisplayPort connections
  • 2 TB hard drive and 240GB SSD
  • 16 GB RAM

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