CybertronPC Rhodium 750Ti Gaming Desktop  Review

[GAMER'S CHOICE] CybertronPC Rhodium

The NVidia GTX 1050 video card (2GB video RAM) in the CybertronPC Rhodium 750Ti ensures that it can keep up with most modern games. The AMD FX-4300 quad core CPU runs at a very respectable 3.8 GHz and is fed by 8GB of DDR3 Ram. With this you get a 1TB HDD, 24x DVD RW, Windows 10 Home 64 bit and a standard keyboard & mouse.


All of this is housed in a standard mid-tower case with a vented transparent front, a transparent left side panel, green LED illumination, a 500 W power supply and plenty of space for expansion. Connectivity is gigabit Ethernet (no WiFi) with 3 USB 3 ports and 6 USB 2 ports.


Whilst the components are nearing the bottom end of the spectrum the CybertronPC Rhodium 750Ti is still more than capable enough of playing most games at decent frame rates and is guaranteed to keep the non-professional gamer happy.

  • Price!
  • 3 x USB 3 ports
  • NVidia GTX 1050 GPU
  • 500 W power supply

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