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Z line Designs Desk

We have another L shaped unit in our round up today, and this time it is none other than the Z-Line Designs Felix Glass L Desk is as modern looking, stylish gaming desk. It features a contemporary black and glossy powder coated frame, which is what gives this table its phenomenal strength and solid platform. The stability of this desk is a great for heavy loads and lots of gaming components.

It is also available as a Belaire styled desk, and is finished with a quality coating. It also features a clear tempered glass top with a black border and a clear surface. It is a shatter proof, safety glass. It is a spacious desktop workspace and a raised monitor shelf for a better viewing angle.

Many people that are looking to find a gaming PC desk are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options that are in the market. Wooden tables are great, and they certainly offer a lighter desk which makes it easier to move it around and store it, but the overall build quality and strength of a table that is made from powder coated steel and tempered glass.

This then makes it quite a subjective choice at the end once all has been taken into consideration, and this style certainly won’t appeal to all gamers. But what this desk lacks in mass appeal, it certainly makes up for in style and modern aesthetical features. Anyone that is looking to give their home some kind of modern decorative features will do well to buy this desk. The weight might be a detraction for some, but if you don’t mind that, then you have yourself a really good option.

This is an L-Shaped gaming desk which means that it can fit quite comfortably in a corner of a room, making use of a limited space. The dimensions are 60-inches x 24-inches x 37-inches, and weighs a hefty 96.45-lbs, nothing says quality quite like the weightiness of a well put together gaming desk. A desk of this size and magnitude is certainly an item that will command the respect and admiration of those that lay eyes upon it.

The black powder coating is glossy and gives a contemporary, modern feel to the desk. The keyboard pullout tray is a nice touch, and means that you can keep your desk clear of clutter. The desk’s metal frame has been welded together and reinforced with plates over each weld, which makes this one of the most solid desks in our round up. There are adjustable, scuff resistant foot stands that allow you to customize the height and level of your table so that you can get the optimal gaming experience out of it.

The main feature of this L-Shaped unit is one of duality: gamers are able to have their TV and gaming consoles on one side, and their gaming screen and gaming PC on the other. This completes a gaming station off quite nicely, and can provide an awesome starting point for anyone that is looking to create a dedicated gaming space within their living area.

The premium parts that make up the entire package all converge to give us a fantastic, quality table for gaming. Much like some of the other desks in our article, there is a great joining piece that meets in the corner of the unit. All surfaces on the desk are made from high strength, tempered glass. This means that there is an even more high strength components to this table, and the fact that it is tempered glass instead of metal makes the table look like a modern and chic table.

The sturdiness of the Z-Line Designs Felix Glass L Desk is apparent in its overall weight and build quality. Make sure that your mouse is compatible with a glass surface and you won’t need another gaming matt ever again as the glass is smooth and free of any blemishes. Tempered glass is an amazingly smooth cover for gaming peripherals such as highly accurate, high DPI mice. Console gamers don’t need to feel left out in the cold either, and there is plenty of space and features for the console player to take full advantage of.

One of these features is the sheer length and breadth of the table top surface. That means that there are places for your consoles to be stored, as well as the peripherals such as controllers and games to be piled up on. This is a high quality gaming wood desks with high build quality and a raised shelf for screens and monitors to sit. This makes it a good contender for anyone that is looking to buy a gaming desk with good ergonomic qualities.

At the end of the day, there are many great things to like about this table. It is strong, good looking and highly functional. The looks and purpose of this gaming desk are where things start to get a little less clear. There is a definite office type of styling that comes from looking at this table. L-shaped desks are really familiar to anyone that has worked in an office, but where this starts to fall away is at the tempered glass top.

The glass top makes this table start to look more like an executive choice, and can certainly be seen as something that a well to do gamer might have chosen for their living space. Definitely something to consider if you are looking to tidy up a shabby living area, and give you a good place to setup your gaming devices.

Putting this table together is really straight forward, but you will need some assistance for lifting up the glass table top and installing it. As will all glass products, great care and extreme caution should be taken when you are setting it up, as you don’t want to drop the glass and cut yourself or anybody else. So once you have setup this great gaming table, you are sure to be off to a great start and you will be gaming in no time at all.

The Z-Line Designs Felix Glass L Desk is quite a stylish piece of furniture, especially as a game station. The central shelf that joins the two pieces of the L-Shaped units acts as an attractive and appealing display area for ornaments, photos and certifications to sit on.

Desks that have glass tops can be a bit tricky to fit into the decor of your particular environment, but if you know what you are looking for, then this could be a great choice for you. This is a good choice for anyone that is looking for a solid gaming desk with high strength and durability. The cross bracing adds stability and strength to this item as well, which makes a stable platform.

  • Powder Coated frame
  • Tempered safety glass
  • Pull out keyboard tray
  • Reinforced plates on all welding joints
  • Raised monitor shelf

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