Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk Review

Walker Edison Soreno

Premium gaming desks, how would you define the individual characteristics of such a difficult to define object. Polished, beveled safety glass hints at the premium quality that the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk possesses in its components. These individual components all come together to produce a fine looking unit and is one that exudes premium pedigree.

The desk itself is made from polished and tempered glass, with a beveled edge. The polish of the glass gives a professional, almost office looking piece of equipment. There is a PC stand on the bottom of the legs, and it raises the computer case of a PC off the floor by about 10-inches, making it much less likely for your PC to suck in dust, dirt and hair.

The minimalist design of the desk unit creates a simple looking 3-piece desk that will provide an ideal Launchpad for your setup. It includes 2 x 21-inch deep rectangular desktops, with a quarter of a circle junction piece that looks like a pizza slice. This joins the sections together and creates an unbroken work space. The overall dimensions are 20-inches x 51-inches x 29-inches and weighs around 57 pounds, and 65,8 pounds when being shipped.

The table ships with easy to follow, clear and concise instructions that make it really easy to assemble, disassemble and reconfigure whenever the need arises. Having a retractable keyboard shelf is another good feature that has been added to this desk and it creates a much cleaner looking area and workstation.

The premium look and feel of this workstation is bound to make it a must have desk for customers that takes their décor seriously. It is an attractive, strong and well developed desk that will look just as comfortable in your office, home or entertainment room, meaning that your new workstation setup will be the place where you want to spend all of your time.

  • Polished and beveled top
  • Glass is tempered safety glass
  • Steel, powder coated finish
  • Sliding keyboard tray
  • Computer stand keeps PC off the ground

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