Walker Edison Soreno Review

Walker Edison Soreno

Premium gaming desks, how would you define the individual characteristics of such a difficult to define object. For starters, such an item should provide a wide, level surface for a keyboard and mouse, and perhaps even some space for additional components such as an LCD and speakers. In this instance, the Walker Edison Soreno fits the description quite nicely.

It features a polished, beveled safety glass that hints at the premium quality that the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk possesses in its components. These individual components all come together to produce a fine looking unit and is one that exudes premium pedigree and looks just as at home in your office or gaming room, even though this is a real budget beater of a desk unit, and nowhere near the price range of the more premium aligned models in our review article.

The desk itself is made from polished and tempered glass, with a beveled edge. Tempered glass is extra strong, and has a load bearing capacity that is similar to wood, so you need not worry about the glass cracking or breaking under the weight of your gaming screen. The polish of the glass gives a professional, almost office looking piece of gaming equipment that has sophisticated feel to it.

There is a PC stand on the bottom of the legs, and it raises the computer case of a gaming PC off the floor by about 10-inches, making it much less likely for your gaming PC to suck in dust, dirt and hair. This is also a good feature to have in case of accidental flooding in your house, either from the weather or from a plumbing disaster, believe me, it happens.

The minimalist design of the desk unit creates a simple looking 3-piece desk that will provide an ideal launch pad for your gaming setup. L-shaped units like this tend to fit into the corner of your room quite nicely, and will provide the area that you set it up in an ideal platform from which you can enjoy all of your favorite games. It includes 2 x 21-inch deep rectangular desktops, with a quarter of a circle junction piece that looks like a pizza slice, completing the L-shape and acting as a joining piece. This connects the sections together and creates an unbroken work or gaming space.

The overall dimensions are 20-inches x 51-inches x 29-inches and weighs around 57 pounds – more than enough room for even the most gigantic of gaming monstrosities. This table is anything but lightweight, and it comes in at a hefty 65,8-pounds when being shipped. If strength is a going concern for you then you need not worry, this particular unit ships with cross bracing and diagonal supports, which should give you the peace of mind to use this desk with no worries about it collapsing under its own weight.

Tempered glass is also really easy to clean, and all you need to get a sparkling surface is some window cleaner. It really is as easy as that. Scratch resistance is also part of the properties of tempered glass, so you don’t need to treat the table top with kid gloves whenever you find yourself sitting at this exquisite table. Glass does have a propensity for garnering lots of smudge marks, finger prints and hand marks, so make sure that you’re ok with that before you commit.

But at this price point it is hard to complain about something as small as a few smudgy finger prints on your desk. Tempered glass is also heat treated, which is why it is so much stronger than normal plate glass, so you can be certain that the weight of you leaning on the table or the weight of your PC and console components won’t be too much for this desk to handle.

Styling and aesthetics count for a lot with this unit, and the tempered, dark glass coupled with its beveled and rounded glass pieces really adds to the overall impression that this is indeed a premium desk that would add nothing but visual value to your office or gaming space.

The added bottom section that has been added to the desk provides both a practical and visually pleasing element of style to the desk, and completes the overall darker look due to its black color and minimalist design. While not quite as extreme in its styling as some of our other units in our round up, this is a really affordable and great looking desk nonetheless, and it will definitely suit your budget, even if it doesn’t necessarily win first prize in the gaming aesthetic department.

Another great function of this particular gaming table is that if you find that you require just a bit more space, perhaps for a multi monitor setup, then purchasing 2 of these units is a cost effective solution to creating an alcove of desk space. The U shape that results from the merging of 2 of these desks is a highly effective method of creating desktop space and also making the most out of your current area.

Added benefits are bound to result from having 2 of these desks, which include not only the ability for you to make the moset effective use out of your working area, but also the fact that if you ever need to down scale the desk, then all you need to do is simply separate them, genius.

The table ships with easy to follow, clear and concise instructions that make it really easy to assemble, disassemble and reconfigure whenever the need arises. Having a retractable keyboard shelf is another good feature that has been added to this desk and it creates a much cleaner looking gaming area and workstation. The premium look and feel of this workstation is bound to make it a must have gaming desk for anyone that takes their décor seriously.

It is an attractive, strong and well developed gaming desk that will look just as comfortable in your office, home or entertainment room, meaning that your new workstation setup will be the place where you want to spend all of your time.

A premium desk for digital entertainment is a difficult thing to quantify, but it looks as though the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk manages to do this by combining high quality materials with expert craftsmanship as well as good pricing on these desks.

Easy desk assembly instructions make this a product that will make for many years of use. Desks of this build quality, style and aesthetics are just the ticket for console and PC gaming.

  • Polished and beveled top
  • Glass is tempered safety glass
  • Steel, powder coated finish
  • Sliding keyboard tray
  • Computer stand keeps PC off the ground

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