Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer Desktop Review

Tribesigns Modern Simple Style

Tribesigns are well known for making solid desks that are easy to assemble and last for a very long time. That is why the Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer Desks is being featured in our round up: it has a simplistic design and solid, high quality components. It has a good sized surface area, and this allows for a computer or console to fit up there with no problems. The marketers appear to have aimed this at dorm room inhabiting college students, or small office setup, but any place where space is an issue could see these desks being used with no hassles.

These desks are easy to assemble, with there being illustrative instructions and hardware to accomplish this task in no time at all. Height adjustment is achieved by turning a thumbscrew foot piece that lowers and raises depending on the direction that you turn it in. Tall people will be happy to note that the designers of this desktop took their proportions into account, meaning that anyone that normally struggles to find a reasonably priced, economically sized desk to be a problem will have no issues fitting their legs underneath these gaming desks. This also means that there are options for users that needs to store a bit of extra items underneath these desks, making it a space saving device as well.

Having established the overall compact size of this line of desks, it would be easy to assume that the table would be more prone to wobble and unstableness. This has been avoided by having a 0.98-inch thicker laminated MDF particle board at the core of these desks. It is waterproof, scratchproof and is very easy to clean. The frame itself is constructed with heavy duty, powder coated steel which ensures strength and stability, as well as corrosion resistance over long periods of time. This is a really important consideration for gamers that live in coastal regions, where rust and metal corrosion can affect the structural integrity of tables and desks. This is certainly one of our favorite and best gaming desks currently available at Amazon.

The dimensions are 47.2-inches x 23.6-inches x 29.2-inches, and comes in at around the 52.9-pound mark. Surprisingly enough, the load bearing weight of this product is listed as being capable of supporting a maximum load of 900-pounds, which is amazingly strong for such a compact workspace.

  • Metal legs
  • Adjustable leg pads
  • Wide surface area
  • Spacious legroom
  • Sturdy

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